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Even an Insurance Agent Forgets Sometimes

By June 8, 2017October 8th, 2017Personal Insurance

Being an Insurance Agent, I get to be a small part of many important big moments in the lives of the people who I work to protect and insure, from first car and home purchases, to births of children, and more.

This is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I also hear a lot of stories about traffic accident, house fires, speeding tickets… you name it, and I’ve probably heard a story about it!

One of my agent friends was telling me recently about how he slipped up and forgot to renew the tag on his vehicle. Because he forgot, he ended up getting pulled over and stuck with a ticket for having an expired tag. He’s an insurance agent for goodness sake, how in the world did he forget that?!

I know it’s easy to forget to take care of something – we are human after all! It’s funny that an insurance agent forgot to renew his car tags, but the real reason I am sharing this story is to remind you that everyone can easily make a mistake or forget something they intended to do which can later have negative consequences.

Just as you renew your car tags every year, you need to be renewing your knowledge of your existing insurance policies. When it comes to insurance, leaving any holes in your protection portfolio can have big negative consequences, and even a small lapse in coverage can leave you at risk.

Just to let you know, you have us to help protect you, send reminders, and check in… we aim to make insurance simple to understand and make it easy to protect the things you value most.

I want to urge you to come by or call the office so we can review your current policies and make sure that you have the proper coverage you need. There’s no need for you to forget anything important when it comes to protecting the most important things in your life, we’ve got you covered.

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