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It’s That Time…Are Your Summer Toys Covered?

By June 21, 2017October 8th, 2017Personal Insurance

Summer is just around the corner so it’s time to get those summer toys out of storage and back on the road or in the water. Whether you already have a garage full of summer toys or this is the year you finally splurge on a boat or RV you want to make sure you are fully covered in the case of an accident. Here is the lowdown on protecting your summer fun:

  • Recreational Vehicles — There is no better feeling than heading out on the open road in your land yacht. Before you and the family climb aboard, make sure you’re fully covered.
  • If you are an extremely part-time RV’er, your homeowner policy may cover your rolling home. In most cases it is best to buy an RV rider. A specialized RV policy will protect you from total loss and cover your personal belongings such as cameras, computers and even jewelry. Many of these policies offer roadside assistance which is key if your RV needs to be towed. Towing can be a huge expense if not covered by your policy.
  • Rolling on two wheels — Before you get into the wind, you absolutely need a separate insurance policy.  Motorcycle insurance is very similar to car insurance. Policy prices vary depending on coverage levels and the type of bike you ride.
  • Bikers can choose from liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Carrying plenty of liability coverage is key. Liability will cover the cost of any damage you are responsible for if you are involved in an accident. Collision and comprehensive will cover the cost of repairing your bike and should be considered, especially if you are riding an expensive motorcycle.
  • Headed to the Lake — Like an RV, it is possible to add a boat to your homeowners policy but in most cases you are better off buying a separate, boat specific policy.

Homeowner policies often do not cover big ticket events like salvage work or wreck removal.

There are a couple of choices when it comes to boat insurance. An actual cash value policy will pay out what the boat is actually worth at the time of a full loss. These policies are typically less expensive but the payout may not be enough to replace your boat. Agreed value polices allow you to set an agreed upon value on the boat and that amount is what you will be paid if it is destroyed. While more expensive, they give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much you will be paid out on a claim.

We offer all of the coverages discussed above. We can help make sure you’re fully   protected and ready for all the fun that summer’s got in store for you.  Give our office a call to check your policy coverage today!

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